Gdańsk University of Technology hosts a number of centers in which advanced scientific research is conducted, for the development of smart specialization.

  • C^2NIWA - Center od Competence Novel Infrastructure for Workable Applications – services in the area of technological competence on modern applications manufacturing platform (parallel, distributed, and mobile). The center offers its customers advanced IT infrastructure, platforms, applications, and a catalog of consulting services (Supercomputer Tryton).
  • Centre of Excellence WiComm – one of the strongest research and development centers in Poland, specializing in the field of technology of very high frequencies and microwaves used in the most intelligent and embedded systems.
  • Eco-Innovation Center – the first center in Poland pursuing the idea of ecological cities. The concept of the center includes the application of demonstration technological solutions. The buildings of the center will be designed to minimize their impact on the environment. The directions of research will be focused on smart specialization in the region.
  • Academic Computer Center in Gdańsk – acts as the administrator of the Pomerania academic network, and the Center for High Performance Computing. TASK stores computing resources, programs and applications and makes them available to researchers and also archives different types of data.
  • Marine Military Technologies Centre – carries out tasks related to issues of national defense and security. In addition to the research, development and implementation the center also deals with repairs and expertise for the Navy.
  • Nanotechnology Centre – 36 modern teaching and research laboratories, providing unique equipment for studies at the atomic level.
  • Mathematics Teaching and Distance Learning Centre – the university unit providing education using modern methods and tools of mathematical modeling and visualization of data based on ICT technologies.
  • Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer – carries out tasks related to technology transfer, developing co-operation with the economy, and supports innovation and academic entrepreneurship.
  • Centre for Advanced Technologies 'Pomerania' – a joint initiative of Gdańsk University of Technology and Gdańsk University. The aim of the center is to support the development of the following domains: information technology and telecommunications, functional materials and nanotechnology, environmental protection, biotechnology, food chemistry, medicinal chemistry. Within the ATC 'Pomerania' there are 10 specialized laboratories, min. Civitronics Center and the Laboratory of Biomaterials.
  • LINTE ^ 2 Laboratory – center for research into innovative electrical power technologies and for integration of renewable energy sources.
  • Immersive 3D Visualization Lab – a globally unique laboratory where it will be possible to walk around in the virtual world.
  • Innovative Technologies Node – integrates activities related to research and development of innovative technologies. Five centers work within the node: Photooptic Technologies, Oil and Gas, Advanced Materials, Energy Technology, and the Center for Advanced IBM Studies and Centre for Universal Design.