Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer is responsible for the cooperation of Gdańsk University of Technology with business organizations. It is a university-wide unit created in order to:

  • help businessmen and researchers in establishing mutual contacts,
  • efficiently transfer technology from Gdańsk University of Technology to economy,
  • establish and maintain cooperation with the business environment institutions,
  • promote academic entrepreneurship among the University employees and students.

The concept of commercialization of research results adopted at Gdańsk University of Technology is based on the assumption that the degree of innovation and the suitability of discoveries and products are determined by the market. The knowledge gained from the identification of market needs is used to create the area of motivation, in particular pro-development and pro-quality activities taking into account the solutions developed jointly by the University and its economic environment.

The solutions generated by the University also stimulate the formation of its own spin-off companies. The most talented students are involved in the implementation of ambitious research tasks and in this way they gain experience in team projects. Most companies operating in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, Pomeranian Science and Technology Park and Gdańsk Business Incubator ‘STARTER’ have been set up by the graduates of Gdańsk University of Technology.

University-business cooperation involves in particular:

  • performing commissioned research including research work, laboratory services, consulting, expert assessment (approx. 300 contracts per year),
  • the acquisition of rights to technologies / results of study conducted at the University by enterprises (20 licensing agreements and contracts of sale of R & D results a year),
  • the implementation of joint research and development projects through the creation of R & D consortia (approx. 60 development projects per year, including 25 ones conducted jointly with industry).

Gdańsk University of Technology cooperates with all key companies of Pomerania and the country, such as Lotos PLC, IBM Poland, AIRBUS,  Polpharma, Lafarge, DNV, CRIST, Orlen, PESA.