Scientific Circles and Student Organisations

Participation in the activity of circles and student organisations is an excellent way to develop your personality and improve your team working skills. Getting involved in scientific or cultural projects will let you share the organisational spirit and it will bring you satisfaction while still having fun. You will also gain experience that will certainly come in useful in the future.


How about a scientific circle?

If you feel that the curriculum is not enough for you and you are eager to discover interesting scientific issues, join a scientific circle that suits your passions. You will meet people who share your interests and together you will carry out projects you dream about – even your own projects. Just being interested in the activity of a scientific circle is a reason enough to participate in its actions. Make sure to contact its members as soon as possible. Each new passionate member is more than welcome.


How about a student organisation?

You can also join travellers, canoeing and rock climbing lovers. There is a place also for those who are endowed with a beautiful voice and those who love photography. Student organisations at GUT are numerous and so are their activity profiles. You are sure to find such an organisation that will help you develop your passions or take a break from daily routine of studying.


Have you got an idea for your own organisation or a scientific circle?

If none of the existing groups matches your hobby, then set up a new one. Here are the short instructions on how to do it:

The application to register your student organisation is submitted by a group of founding members (at least five people). The application should include:

  • the name of your organisation and its seat (Gdańsk University of Technology)
  • first names and surnames of students – organisation founders, including information on their studies (year), students’ ToR number and address of permanent residence
  • first name and surname of a person (persons) coming from among the founding members and authorised to perform acts related to organisation registration
  • an opinion from the Student Self-Government of GUT (the chairman of SSG of GUT, its plenipotentiary for organisation or persons appointed by either of them) on the need to establish such an organisation or a scientific circle
  • contact information - how to contact the representatives of the management board of the circle /organisation (e-mail address, phone number)
  • in case of a scientific circle it is also necessary to submit: a declaration from the university staff member who will agree to be a scientific supervisor of the circle, as well as the opinion of the dean of the faculty where the circle will perform its activities.

The application must be accompanied by the statute (the rules of the organisation, the founding declaration), the programme and the scope of activities of the organisation, the list of its members, and in case of a scientific circle, its scientific supervisor must also sign the application.

The registration application is addressed to the Vice-Rector for Education and submitted with the a/m documents to the deputy chairman of the SSG of GUT for structure and organisation, who carries out the subsequent phase of the registration process.



Gdańsk BEST Student Association (Board of European Students of Technology), e-mail:, tel. 58/347 12 24

seat: Bratniak Building, room 203


Erasmus Student Network Gdańsk, e-mail:, tel. 58/347 11 94

seat: Bratniak Building, room 213


CEPRIM – ESTIEM, Local Group Gdańsk

(Centre for Promotion of Engineers-Managers – European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management), e-mail:

seat: Bratniak Building, room 303



(The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), e-mail:

seat: Bratniak Building, room 305


International Students Association, e-mail:, tel. 58/347 28 28

seat: International Relations Office, 25 Narutowicza Street, Gdańsk