dr hab. inż. Adam Lamęcki

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Miejsce pracy Katedra Inżynierii Mikrofalowej i Antenowej, Wydział Elektroniki, Telekomunikacji i Informatyki
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Numer telefonu (58) 347 29 17

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Konsultacje (semestr zimowy 2019/2020):

poniedziałek:. 15-16

czwartek 9-10

Notka biograficzna

Adam Lamecki, Ph.D., D.Sc., Senior Member IEEE

In 2020: Associate Editor in IEEE Transactions of Microwave Theory and Techniques (JCR Impact factor 2018: 3.756) - resigned.

Since 2019: Member of the Editorial Board of Radioengineering, Proceedings of Czech and Slovak Technical Universities (JCR Impact Factor 2018: 0.967)

Since 2016: Topical Edior, Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences ( JCR Impact Factor 2018: 1.361, MNiSW: 100points)

H-index = 14, cited more than 420 times (without self citations, ISI WoK, 2019)


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[12] L. Szydlowski, N. Leszczynska, A. Lamecki, M. Mrozowski, “A Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Bandpass Filter in A Box Configuration With Frequency-Dependent Coupling,” IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, IF = 1.717


  • Mesh deformation techqniues for parametric studies and shape optimization of 3D electromagnetic structures. Project supported by the Polish National Science Centre under contract UMO-2013/09/B/ST7/04202. Position: Project leader

  • Fast CAD of compact microwave filters and multiplexers using 3D electromagnetic simulators. Poject supported by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development under contract Lider/21/148/L-1/09/NCBiR/2010. Position: Project leader

  • New topologies and techniques of synthesis of high selectivity coupled-resonator filters for wireless communication systems. Individual grant accepted in 33rd contest of research grants (decision number 2456/B/T02/2009/37, issued on 2009-08-06). Research interest are novel highly selective microwave filters, that are key elements of modern communication systems. Position: Project leader


  • 2006 – Stipend for young, talented researchers founded by Foundation for Polish Science,

  • 2008 - Prime Minister of Poland Award for outstanding PhD thesis finished in 2007,

  • 2011 - Scholarship from Ministry of Science and Higher Education for best young scientists.