dr inż. Wioleta Kucharska

Email wioleta.kucharska@pg.edu.pl
Adres strony domowej http://pg.edu.pl/wioleta.kucharska

Zajmowane stanowiska

Miejsce pracy Katedra Zarządzania, Wydział Zarządzania i Ekonomii
Gmach B, 714
Email wioleta.kucharska@pg.edu.pl

Notka biograficzna

Wioleta Kucharska, Ph.D. Eng., holds an Assistant Professor position at the Management Department of the Management and Economy Faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland. She is involved in multiple knowledge cultures, knowledge management, including tacit knowledge sharing international scientific projects. She published many peer-reviewed studies with Wiley, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Emerald, and IGI Global. Her recent study entitled “How to achieve sustainability? —Employee's point of view on a company's culture and CSR practice“ was awarded the TOP DOWNLOADED paper 2018-2019 WILEY certificate. She was also, next to her distinguish Management and Economy Faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology colleagues claimed ELSEVIER RESEARCH IMPACT LEADERS 2019 WZiE PG. Next to scientific passion and achievements, Wioleta Kucharska also has 12 years of managerial experience; therefore, her works next to theoretical foundations actively refer to management practice. The recently written and co-authored with Denise A.D. Bedford, book: "Relating Information Culture to Information Policies and Management Strategies", which provides a holistic picture of business cultures and strategy challenges, was an inspiration to invite co-authors and devote this JEMI Special Issue to a company culture issues.