Professor Krzysztof Wilde - rector of Gdańsk University of Technology for the 2020-2024 term

Professor Krzysztof Wilde PhD, DSc, Eng., corresponding member of the PAS, will be the rector of Gdańsk University of Technology for the next four years. The present rector won the majority of the elector's votes in the elections, which, due to the state of the epidemic, were conducted on 9 April 2020 in a remote form, using electronic means of communication. The official election result was announced by the University Electoral Commission. 


– Re-election to the position of rector is a great honor and distinction for me, but also motivation for further hard work - said prof. Krzysztof Wilde, GUT rector, shortly after the nomination was announced. – Thanks to obtaining the status of a research university at the end of last year, Gdańsk University of Technology has a unique opportunity for rapid development and significant improvement of its scientific position in Poland and in the world. I intend to create activities and support all initiatives that will allow employees and students to work effectively with the socio-economic environment, building the prosperity of Gdańsk and the region.

– The task for today is to support the economy as soon as possible and work together to restore its good condition. In turn, the task for tomorrow will be to build the competitiveness of our companies and enterprises on international markets. – added the GUT rector.

Election procedure

• The University Electoral College, consisting of 135 electors selected in earlier votes, which were conducted by nine faculties and two district electoral commissions, was entitled to participate in the secret ballot.

• In connection with the epidemic situation in the country and concern for the security of the university community, the GUT Senate, during a remote meeting on 30 March, decided to change the voting mode by electors from direct to electronic one, as well as to postpone the electoral date for 9 April. Voting took place that day (from 9am to 2pm) using electronic means of communication.

• Members of the academic community (employees, students and doctoral students, members of the University Council) were entitled to submit candidates for the rector.

• Only one person expressed the will to become the rector - prof. Krzysztof Wilde.

• After a positive opinion from the GUT Senate and pointing a candidate by the University Council and the University Electoral College - the University Electoral Committee announced on 23 March prof. Krzysztof Wilde as a candidate for rector.

All information on elections, including announcements from the University Electoral Commission and electoral instructions, are available on the dedicated election website [HERE].


Information about the rector and his electoral program

Professor Krzysztof Wilde PhD, DSc, Eng. is a specialist in bridge engineering, building mechanics as well as diagnostics and monitoring of engineering structures. He conducts scientific research and development works in the field of civil engineering and transport. Since 2016, he has been a correspondent member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is the author and co-author of about 70 works indexed in the most important databases and cited over 1630 times by authors from 60 countries around the world. He obtained four patents, completed over 220 expertise, projects and technical studies. He is an active engineer and has the authority to design and manage construction works in the field of construction and building.

Professor Wilde graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology. He obtained a PhD in technical sciences at the University of Tokyo, where he then worked, among others as a university professor. He received the PhD, DSc title at Gdańsk University of Technology, and his habilitation thesis received the Prime Minister's Award. In 2009 he received the academic title of professor. At Gdańsk University of Technology prof. Wilde has worked, among others as the dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the head of the Department of Strength of Materials. In 2019, he was elected rector of Gdańsk University of Technology in a difficult time for the GUT academic community, i.e. after the unexpected death of the previous rector, late prof. Jacek Namieśnik.

Professor Wilde actively supports the development of science and higher education in Poland, for example as a correspondent member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (since 2016) and as an experienced advisor in specialist teams of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

In the election campaign prof. Wilde repeated his electoral declarations from less than a year ago and referred on the extent to which they had been implemented so far. He mentioned, among others gaining the status of a research university by Gdańsk University of Technology, raising the admission limit to the Doctoral School, promotions of didactic teachers to professorships, new solutions regarding flexible forms of conducting classes aimed at including students in scientific research, or taking into account the creation of a kindergarten in the plans to rebuild Student House No. 13.

The most important goals to be achieved by Gdańsk University of Technology in subsequent years according to prof. Krzysztof Wilde include: improving education, including the development of competences in the field of new forms of education (and corresponding to the needs of new generations); construction of a globally recognized research university (raising the level of scientific research, organization of scientific activities in the newly created GUT Research Centers, development of research infrastructure); effective work for the socio-economic environment, focused on both obtaining funds for research services for enterprises and the implementation of tasks related to the university's social responsibility.