The Implementation Doctoral school at GUT - the only such unit in the country

The call for proposals under the 4th edition of the ministerial program "Implementation doctorate" is underway until 15 June. At Gdańsk University of Technology, implementation doctorates will be realised at the Implementation Doctoral School - the only unit in Poland offering the opportunity to develop R&D staff while solving problems reported by companies.


At the Implementation Doctoral School at Gdańsk University of Technology, PhD students are prepared for independent research and development work, research on issues indicated by companies (commissioned research) is carried out, and expert opinions are prepared in cooperation with all GUT laboratories. Moreover, the unit's offer includes supporting companies in the selection of R&D specialists for the planned projects and a professional review of the grant application.

– We are the only university in the country that carries out implementation doctorates as part of a separate doctoral school, operating alongside the academic doctoral school - emphasizes professor Kazimierz Darowicki, PhD, DSc, Eng., director of the Implementation Doctoral School at GUT.

A person who has an MSc degree, MSc, Eng. degree or an equivalent degree or diploma of a foreign university which gives the right to apply for a doctoral degree may be admitted to the Implementation Doctoral School. Admission for the academic year 2020/2021 takes place through a competition in two stages: ministerial (application to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for participation in the "Implementation doctorate" program - until 15 June, announcement of results - August) and university (based on accepted applications to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education program, in the following stages: electronic registration, formal and substantive verification of documents, interview regarding the planned doctoral dissertation - until 15 September).

– Already at the registration stage, a team of promoters representing individual scientific disciplines and having experience verified in industry and appreciated in the world, will assess the value of the subjects of dissertations, so that they are only research problems with the greatest real research and implementation potential - emphasizes prof. Kazimierz Darowicki.

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The possibility of realizing implementation doctorates was specified by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2017, while the main assumption of the program is to facilitate cooperation between companies and universities in carrying out research focused on the problems indicated by the company. Implementation doctorates make it possible to combine professional work, solve an important technological problem for the employer, and obtain a PhD degree in technical sciences. A PhD student (an employee of a company reporting a research issue) works on the research problem for four years, and at the end of the process submits a doctoral dissertation and a summary of a series of international publications in peer-reviewed journals.