A scientist from the Polish Academy of Sciences among the most talented young researchers in the country

PhD, Eng. Miłosz Wieczór from the Department of Physical Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry of Gdańsk University of Technology is among the scholarship holders of the Polish Science Foundation in the START program, which aims to support outstanding young scientists. What's more, the scientist is currently working at the Barcelona Institute for Biomedical Research, as part of a prestigious postdoctoral research project, on the relationship between DNA damage and modification and broadly understood epigenetics, i.e. the way genetic information is interpreted in human cells.


The multi-stage competition within the START program [full list of laureates - HERE] evaluated, among others the quality of current scientific achievements documented by patents or publications in recognized Polish and foreign scientific periodicals.

PhD, Eng. Miłosz Wieczór is the co-author of 16 publications in magazines from the Philadelphia List (among others Nucleic Acids Research, Journal of the American Chemical Society), cited 132 times (according to Google Scholar). His research interests include mechanisms of binding and recognition of sequences in protein complexes with DNA, as well as the effect of DNA modification (damage and epigenetic markers) on the biological function of nucleic acids.

- A thorough understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of free energy calculations, both at the classical and quantum levels, is crucial for my research work. This enables testing of driving forces in complex biochemical processes, as well as developing existing models describing the behavior of biomolecules - says PhD, Eng. Miłosz Wieczór, emphasizing that in his research work he combines programming and statistical physics with chemical and biological knowledge. - Smooth, interdisciplinary connection of these worlds is one of the biggest challenges in computational biophysics - he adds.

PhD, Eng. Miłosz Wieczór as a scholarship holder of the Individual Fellowships grant program under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions is currently taking part in a postdoctoral internship in the group of prof. Modesto Orozco at the Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) in Barcelona, where he implements a project called ‘Structural investigation of interplay between epigenetics, transcriptional regulation and DNA damage’.

The scientific profile of PhD, Eng. Miłosz Wieczór can be found on the MOST Wiedzy (Bridge of Knowledge) website - HERE