Dates and rules of conducting classes at GUT after 25 June

On 25 June, the authorities of Gdańsk University of Technology, in consultation with the GUT Student Government, issued a decision regarding the principles of conducting classes at the university and preventing the spread of Covid-19 among the GUT community.


The most important information resulting from the decision taken by the university authorities on 25 June 2020 concern the organization of the last weeks of the academic year in the summer semester.


Lectures, classes and laboratories

Lectures and classes at all departments of all faculties of Gdańsk University of Technology and other classes organized so far in a remote form will continue to be carried out in this formula until the end of the main part of the semester and must end by 5 July 2020 at the latest.

The deans are responsible for the implementation of laboratory classes that require students’ presence at the university

Information on the implementation of laboratory classes along with a detailed schedule are posted on the faculty websites.

Exam session

The examination session in the academic year 2019/2020 will take place in a remote or mixed form, i.e. some of the exams and credits will be held remotely, and some in the traditional form.

Diploma exam

Until September 30, 2020, at the student's request, addressed to the dean, the diploma examination may be carried out in a traditional form, observing the principles and means of direct protection, or remotely using the university platform eNauczanie PG.

Passing physical education classes

Completion of physical education classes in the summer semester will be based on participation in remote classes. The Academic Sports Center has resumed sport sections activities.

GUT Library

The GUT Library functions according to the principles set out on the Library website.

Organization of events at the university

The organization of events, assemblies and conferences on the University's premises is only possible after obtaining a written consent from the rector.

All announcements regarding the functioning of the university during the pandemic are available at: