Gdańsk University of Technology opens joint laboratory with Dezhou University in China

Dezhou College (China) and Gdańsk University of Technology jointly established the unveiling ceremony of the "Joint Laboratory of Electromechanical Engineering of Dezhou College and Gdańsk University of Technology".


Vice-Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Professor Dariusz Mikielewicz, and Vice-Rector of the Dezhou College, Li Yongping, attended the event as well as  the heads of the Academic Affairs Office, the Scientific Research Office, the International Office, the School of Political Science and Law, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and the School of Textile and Apparel.

Vice-Rector Li Yongping delivered a speech and welcomed Professor Dariusz Mikielewicz at Dezhou University. He fully affirmed the multi-level and deep-seated pragmatic cooperation between two universities over the years. Li Yongping also underlined that the establishment of the "Joint Laboratory of Electromechanical Engineering of Dezhou College and Gdansk University of Technology" will provide an international scientific research and exchange platform between the universities.

Through exchanges, the two universities reached a cooperation intention in joint training of graduate students, joint application projects, 2+2 credits mutual recognition projects, and regular exchanges between teachers, students, and researchers. Polish experts from Gdańsk University of Technology will hold lectures such as "Steam Cycle Power Generation Foundation", "Home Heat and Power Cogeneration Thermal Cycle Technology", "Alkane and Naphthenes, and Aldehydes and Ketones".