Honorable HR Excellence in Research title for GUT for the next 3 years

The European Commission prolonged the decision to maintain and extend the right to use the HR distinction for Gdańsk University of Technology for the next three years, recognizing the implementation of the HR4R GUT Strategy as systematic and consistent with the description in the action plan, while the activities as such to be of high quality.


Two years after obtaining the right to use the Logo HR by GUT, the team of European Commission assessors based on the ‘Internal Review of the Implementation of the Action Plan’ and the ‘Self-assessment report according to the OTM-R checklist’, as well as information published on the website dedicated to the HR4R PG Strategy [here], performed a mid-term evaluation ofGUTG's activities in implementing the principles of the Charter and the Code of the Researcher.

The evaluators stated that the implementation of the action plan is ensured in a reliable, systematic and pro-quality manner, while the HR Logo is visibly presented on websites. They encouraged GUT to continue the actions taken and to further implement the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, wishing them successes and updating the HR4R Strategy in 36 months.

Over the past two years, Gdańsk University of Technology has completed over 70 percent of the activities included in the HR4R GUT Strategy for 2016-2019. The amended Action Plan for 2019-2022 was positively opinioned by the GUT Senate and introduced by the Rector's Regulation No. 29/2019 of August 28, 2019. Information about the HR4R Strategy at GUT is available at: Excellence in Research.