Saint Nicholas’ day with Marcin Gortat at Gdańsk University of Technology

On Tuesday, Gdańsk University of Technology was visited by a special guest - Marcin Gortat! The famous basketball player conducted training with the children of employees of Gdańsk University of Technology, and earlier also talked with Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, GUT rector, about new possibilities of cooperation with our university.


The best Polish basketball player in history, having 12 years of NBA games behind him (in 2009 he even played in the league final in the colors of Orlando Magic), visited our university at the invitation of Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, GUT rector. As part of the campaign ‘Saint Nicholas’ day at Gdańsk University of Technology with Marcin Gortat’ the player conducted a training session with a group of children of GUT employees on Tuesday afternoon (on the first come first serve basis), he also gave them advice on learning and nutrition.

– Remember that learning is the most important thing in life – he said at the beginning of the meeting to a group of smiling and often intimidated kids. – However, a healthy lifestyle and nutrition are also very important. If you remember this, the whole world will be open to you - he encouraged.

Marcin Gortat will end his career soon

Before training, Marcin Gortat answered the questions of journalists who wanted to know if the famous basketball player would finally finish his professional career (a few days ago he said that he would announce the official farewell to basketball in February or March 2020).

– I would like to be able to tell the fans that I will keep on playing basketball, but the time has come in my life that some other things need to be dealt with – said Marcin Gortat in an interview with Radio Gdańsk journalist at the GUT Academic Sports Center.

The basketball player added that he did not intend to give up sport, which would still be present in his life.

– Today, thanks to the invitation of the rector of Gdańsk University of Technology, I am playing basketball with wonderful children and I am extremely happy with it – assured Marcin Gortat.  Sport will always be a part of my life, but I think it will not be professional anymore. I will focus on training and education of children and youth – he added.

Marcin Gortat’s cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology

Marcin Gortat has been actively involved in charity campaigns for many years, he is also the owner of a large foundation helping those in need ‘MG13 Mierz Wysoko’. He also works for education – including sports – of children and youth. It is thanks to him that four sports schools signed with the athlete's name have been opened in Poland in recent years: in Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań and Kraków.

The Gdańsk school of Marcin Gortat has been operating since 2017. It conducts sports championship training at the level of elementary school and high school in several team and individual disciplines. It also operates at the Academic Sport Center of Gdańsk University of Technology, and both sides strongly praise this cooperation.

– The school in Gdańsk works thanks to excellent cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology. GUT rector Krzysztof Wilde was strongly involved in its creation from the beginning and helped us in many aspects of our activity– said Marcin Gortat on Tuesday.  I would like cooperation to be as exemplary in every city as it was at Gdańsk University of Technology.

Professor Krzysztof Wilde, rector of PG, also praised the university's relationship with the famous basketball player. He emphasized that this cooperation is already at a high level, and it is possible that it will soon become even closer.

– For Marcin Gortat, our city is the second home after Łódź, this is where a large part of his immediate family comes from and they still live here  said Prof. Krzysztof Wilde. – We are very happy that Marcin is open to further development of cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology, which will benefit all parties. Thanks to today's visit to the GUT Academic Sports Center, we had the opportunity to talk about various aspects of this cooperation, and the first effects of these arrangements will be presented soon - added GUT rector.

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