Economic studies of the GUT Faculty of Management and Economics ranked second in Poland

Gdańsk University of Technology became the vice-leader of the 'Rzeczpospolita' ranking of economic studies among non-economic universities, and also obtained the best result among all universities in the 'Career of graduates' criterion. The ranking of Polish universities that offer the best economic studies has been developed for the fourth time. At Gdańsk University of Technology, these studies are carried out at the Faculty of Management and Economics.


In the ranking concerning 23 universities Gdańsk University of Technology came second (behind the University of Warsaw), obtaining 71.39 points. Our university also obtained the best result among all universities in the "Career of graduates" criterion. This was due to the high earnings of economic graduates and the short time of seeking work after graduation.

The ranking distinguishes universities that care for the high quality of education, offer students the most opportunities to gain international contacts and experience, and provide a good professional start to their graduates. This year the list has been divided into economic and non-economic universities offering the best education in the field of economics.

The content partner of the Rzeczpospolita ranking is the Information Processing Center - National Research Institute. The ranking is based on data from the national System for monitoring the economic lives of university graduates (ELA) and from POL-on - the Integrated Information System on Higher Education and Science.

Four criteria were taken into account in the ranking methodology: graduates' careers, quality of teaching, scientific potential, internationalization. The methodology has changed compared to the previous editions of the ranking, in order to match it with the provisions of the Constitution for Science, in which fields of study are no longer assigned to faculties but to universities