The best doctoral thesis in the field of natural sciences

PhD, Eng. Dominika Sobotka, from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has won the annual award for the best doctoral dissertation defended in 2018 in the field of natural, engineering and technical sciences, awarded by the Baltic University Programme (BUP).

The Baltic University Programme is an international academic network that brings together 220 universities from 14 countries in the Baltic Sea region. It is currently one of the largest university networks in the world. Every year, BUP rewards the author of a doctoral dissertation defended at one of the member universities. The main goal of the BUP programme is to support high-quality research promoting sustainable development.

The subject of the doctoral dissertation of PhD, Eng. Dominika Sobotka was "Research on the efficiency of nitrogen removal from wastewater in a sequential reactor with granular anammox deposit".

 – The research I deal with aims to improve the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants, which is supported by alternative technologies based on the "anaerobic" oxidation of ammonium nitrogen. The use of this type of technology would reduce the costs of wastewater treatment associated with aeration - explains PhD, Eng. Dominika Sobotka.

The awarded dissertation, as the first written in Polish, is a comprehensive and current source of literature knowledge (over 440 references) in the field of nitrogen removal from wastewater using the anammox process. Moreover, the dissertation presents original results of experimental research that broaden the scope of process knowledge in the analyzed issue (including demonstration of the possibility of effective process running on a sewage stream at low temperature). The work also contains a number of conclusions and operational recommendations, which are extremely important due to the progressive tightening of regulations on the content of nitrogen compounds in sewage discharged into waters or into the ground.