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Zespół Biura Karier


Plac Bawol 6/9 Kraków MAŁOPOLSKIE

Tel: 517484382

At ITSELECTA, our mission is to support companies in their challenges by helping them to build internal and external teams.

ITSELECTA is a consulting company dealing with the selection of best talent, outsourcing IT projects and building remote teams. We provide customized solutions according to your specific needs.


OUTSOURCING IT PARTNER SELECTION: Do you need to outsource your IT project? To set up your remote IT team? To find your dedicated full time remote developer?
At ITSELECTA you will find a FREE, no risk and easy way to start the outsourcing process and body leasing IT services with nearshore selection of your ideal IT partner within Polish and Ukrainian companies.

MULTILANGUAGE - IT RECRUITMENT: How to find talent with no need to advertise job vacancies and screening thousands of CVs?
We can source the best talent for your company because we have an international team of native speaking recruiters and connections with universities as well as other agencies in many different countries.


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