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Zespół Biura Karier


Plac Bankowy 2 Warszawa MAZOWIECKIE

Tel: +48798392997

In 1978, Northenden Engineering Services was established by co-founders, Geoff Lloyd and Bryan Sullivan. The company was known as NES International, NES Overseas and often simply "NES" before becoming NES Global Talent as part of a re-branding exercise in 2011.
The business grew impressively and was sold to AEA Investors in 2012 for £234m, more than three times as much as it was valued six years previously.
Due to our strong financial base we have been able to make 7 strategic acquisitions in the last 5 years, adding Energy People, RC consultants, Sure Flow, Frontica Advantage, Ziegler's Oilfield Consulting, Redbock and Bedrock Petroleum Consultants to our portfolio. This means we are now by far the largest oil and gas staffing provider in the industry.
In the last 12 months we have also successfully diversified our business and transferred the NES brand in to 6 complementary sectors such as Power and Life Sciences, enabling the business to not only survive but continue to thrive across the globe.


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