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Zespół Biura Karier

Intel Technology Poland

Słowackiego 173 Gdańsk POMORSKIE

Tel: +48 (58) 766 11 11

We're a global corporation and we have incredible opportunities everywhere. So, step inside our world and find out where we do what we do to improve how people work, live, and play.

Fast Facts: The Site

The Gdansk site provides several HR functions for our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region:

  • Global Employee Support provides support for our employees
  • Staffing Shared Service Center supports the recruitment and hiring process
  • Business HR supports various business groups in activities ranging from strategy development to employee training

Our Gdansk Sales Division enlists new clients, maintaining client relationship and informing them about our newest technologies.

The Gdansk site is also home to several software teams:

  • Intel Architecture Group and PC Client Group focuses on improving technologies used in Intel’s components (chipsets, processors etc.),
  • Communication and Networking Group and Datacenter Software Division develops products for the server market
  • Visual and Parallel Computing focuses on providing high-quality drivers for operational systems such as Windows®, Android and Linux
  • Intel Development Group is focused on perceptual computing, drivers for Display Port and digital audio-video HDMI interfaces


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  • Elektrotechnika i elektronika
  • Finanse i bankowość
  • Informatyka
  • Inżynieria / konstrukcje / technologia
  • Telekomunikacja

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