Program details:

M.3. Module’s title: Publication of research outcomes in scientific journals including open access resources (30 h)


Fields of science: chemistry; electronics, telecommunications and informatics; civil and environmental engineering

In order to acquire the highest ethics standards and value of scientific activity, in particular  when publishing one’s own research results, there is a need to understand the aspects of legal protection of intellectual property (IP rights). The issue is significant in the institutional approach to open access implementation and new opportunities of popularizing  research results.

Learning outcomes and participant’s acquired knowledge:

  • knowledge about publication of research outcomes in the context of intellectual property protection
  • knowledge and understanding of intellectual property protection in the field of copyrights
  • knowledge and understanding of distinction between copyrights, protection of research outcomes in the scientific journals, and other categories of intellectual property rights such as patents, designs, trade marks, top secrets
  • ability to make an accurate assessment of the legal environment for the protection of intellectual property, especially novelty and innovation potential in the patenting process
  • ability to effectively make available scientific publications in accordance with the legal requirements of the protection of intellectual property
  • basic knowledge on open access to research outputs
  • ability to verify publishing agreement including open access conditions
  • being able to verify contract and publishing agreement in the field of IP  including open access conditions
  • knowledge on open access modern technologies in dissemination of scientific outcomes
  • effective usage of open digital repository platforms, e.g. ability of making scientific data available
  • knowledge on scientific data management resources

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