Zapisy na zajęcia z grupy soft-skills w semestrze zimowym 2019/2020 (current courses in 2019/2020):


Zarządzanie projektem badawczym (międzynarodowym/interdyscyplinarnym), 5 h

Warsztaty z zainicjowania własnej działalności badawczo-rozwojowej obejmujące przygotowanie wniosku oraz asystę w realizacji indywidualnie wybranego projektu badawczego. Zapisy >>>


Designing distance teaching activities, 10 h

e-course on the university's e-Learning platform – eNauczanie

Course covers substantive issues related to: methodology of education using technology, education methodology using methods and techniques of distance education, effectiveness of using various methods of visualization of didactic content, work safety online, positioning of educational content posted on the Internet and building an educational brand related to shared resources over the Internet. Enrollment >>>


Scientific databases and information skills, 5h

The training allows to acquire advanced information skills needed in doctoral studies, such as finding academic journals literature, using and evaluating information for academic studies, exploring the tools that enable scholars to keep track of information and academic research published through different channels, and publishing scientific outcomes. Enrollment >>> 


Intellectual property protection, 5h

The purpose of the workshops is to introduce participants to the main category of IP rights: patents and trademarks. There will be presented examples of the patented inventions, the role and practice from the patents, and the registered trademarks and refused registrations on legal grounds. Enrollment >>>


Publication and IP rights /Part II (Inter PhD 2 participants), 10h >>>

Enrollment >>>