Prof. PhD. MSc. Eng. Jacek Namieśnik, full professor at GUT, will hold the position of Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology for the next four years. His vision of the University’s development persuaded the majority of the electors voting in the elections conducted on 31st March, 2016. The official election results were presented by the University Electoral Commission. The new Rector will take his new position on 1st September, 2016.

Shortly after the announcement of the results Prof. Namieśnik thanked the assembled members of the Electoral Body, and promised to do everything to carry out his campaign promises.

- Today I can talk about intentions concerning the development of our university, yet my numerous achievements for the benefit of the Faculty of Chemistry justify the decision to entrust me with this honorable function - said the newly elected rector.

He admitted that in the first period he will have a closer look at the current university affairs, but is willing to devote himself to work for GUT and to cooperation with all its employees and organizations. He promised to do it even at the cost of his passion for cycling.

- In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the current rector, Prof. Henryk Krawczyk, great progress has been made in the development of infrastructure, campus renovations and equipment base - admitted the newly elected rector. – Yet there is still a lot to be done when it comes to activities of Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of research which raises the prestige of any university. One must realize that there is no high level of teaching without high level of research. It is therefore necessary to invest in new tools, including those which improve interpersonal relations. I want us, as an academic community, to have a common goal - the good of Gdańsk University of Technology.

Members of the Electoral College were entitled to participate in the secret ballot. They chose from among five candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Krzysztof Goczyła
  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Waldemar Kamrat, full professor at GUT
  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Jacek Namieśnik, full professor at GUT
  • Prof. PhD. Józef E. Sienkiewicz, full professor at GUT
  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Jan Stąsiek, full professor at GUT

The total of 135 members turned up for voting. The elections were resolved in the third round, in which Prof. Namieśnik received the required majority of 69 votes. Other candidates with whom he competed in the third round received respectively: Prof. Goczyła - 58 votes, and Prof. Sienkiewicz - 8 votes.

The next event in the GUT electoral calendar will be approving by the Electoral College the candidates for Vice Rectors, as proposed by the newly appointed rector. This will take place on 13th April this year. Rector-elect may appoint between three and five Vice Rectors. There were four in the current term of office, which is coming to its end.


Information about the newly appointed Rector and his election program

Prof. Jacek Namieśnik is 67 years old. He is one of the most active Polish chemists, both in terms of research, teaching, training young staff, and the organization of academic life. He specialises in the field of analytical chemistry and environmental chemistry. He obtained higher education at Gdańsk University of Technology and bound his entire career with it. He obtained his PhD. degree already at the age of 29. In 1995 he became professor of chemistry, and in 1997 – full Professor. He is the author or co-author of 653 articles listed on the Philadelphia list, numerous publications and 13 patents. He is also the Chairman of the Committee of Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and a member of the Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. He is also the director of Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Chemistry at GUT, an active member of several editorial boards of scientific and scientific-technical magazines, and of advice and scientific committees. Prof. Namieśnik has won numerous awards for outstanding scientific achievements. He was also awarded, among others, Knight's Cross of Polonia Restituta (1998) and the Officer's Cross of Polonia Restituta (2005). Since 2007, he has been Professor honoris causa of the University of Bucharest. He also has honoris causa doctorates from Gdansk Medical University and the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

During the election campaign, Prof. Namieśnik announced, among others, the need to take corrective action, focused on making Gdańsk University of Technology a research and education center of international prestige, competing with foreign universities. Among the priorities for the years 2016-2020 he announced skillful personnel policies and efforts to create research teams. He stressed that the fundamental issue is to improve the scientific position of separate Faculties and of the whole university, among others, by obtaining a higher category in the parametric evaluation. In his opinion, this will improve the position of GUT in the international rankings and will increase its recognition. He also announced effective action for the internationalization of the university. New rector pledged to increase attention to the level of education and participation of representatives of the university in discussions and decisions about matters important for Polish science and Polish higher education. He also noted the need for intensive promotional activities aimed at increasing the effectiveness of recruitment actions and harmonious cooperation with the widest possible representation of the environment of students and doctoral students.