The cornerstone of the university building was embedded on the 7th of June 1900. Within the next four years buildings of total volume exceeding 200,000 m³ were erected on the area of 6,4 ha. Back then, the university was divided into six faculties: Architecture, Chemistry, Construction, Machine Engineering and Electrotechnics, Shipbuilding and Ship Machine Engineering and General Sciences.

Organization of the university was based on the Royal Technical University in Aachen, Prussia. The only exception was the Faculty of Mining, which due to the coastal location of Gdańsk was replaced by the Faculty of Shipbuilding and Ship Machine Engineering.

The university buildings were erected for 600 students, with the possibility of increasing this number to 1,000. Executive design of the Gdańsk University of Technology campus, which was then called Königliche Technische Hochschule zu Danzig (The Royal Institute of Technology in Gdańsk) was prepared by Prof. Albert Carsten, an outstanding architect. The architectural concept was designed by Hermann Eggert and Georg Thür.

Erected in the Dutch Renaissance Revival style, the monumental Gdańsk University of Technology Main Building will always be its everlasting symbol. It is now topped by a clock tower restored in 2012, after 67 years.