Cooperation with the business sector takes place also within the framework of regional clusters that Gdańsk University of Technology is a member of:


Pomeranian Bio-Eco-Chemical Cluster addresses the needs of intensively developing industries of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, including biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics and environmental  conservation;

Polish Maritime Cluster encourages innovation and development of research, entrepreneurship, administration and local government initiatives related to the Baltic Sea Region as well as the Vistula and the Oder. It also supports economic and social ties between the Polish Pomerania and countries of the Baltic Sea Region;


KlimaPomerania brings together enterprises, institutions and organizations with the common goal of fostering sustainable and innovative development of industries such as air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation (HVAC industry),which are perceived as a key economic sector of Pomerania;


Interizon Pomeranian ICT Cluster is one of the most developed clusters in Poland, awarded with the title of the Key Pomeranian Region Cluster in a competition organized by the Regional Board. Since the beginning of its existence it has been managed by the Gdańsk University of Technology Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics. The cluster includes over 100 entities which belong to the ICT industry;


Gdańsk Construction Cluster is based on a collaboration between its members in building mutually beneficial relations with state administration and the research community. The cluster seeks to create mechanisms which would facilitate knowledge transfer and implementation of latest technological solutions as well as reduce the everyday expenses of Pomeranian construction companies;

Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster (BEEC) has a strategic objective of coordinating the implementation of Regional Energy Strategy, with particular emphasis on green energy. To this end it acquires regional and central EU funds as well as facilitates interregional cooperation within the European Union.