Gdańsk University of Technology cooperates with numerous business and government entities, including:

  • Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway S.A. ­– performing geodetic measurements of railway tracks and overpass inspections;
  • Airbus Helicopters – joint research programs related to improving helicopter support systems during flights over large bodies of water, paired with highly qualified engineers training;
  • Vivadental European Implant & Aesthetics Centre – designing a dental implant prototype intended for industrial production;
  • ACCUS project – a partnership between 28 scientific institutions and companies from eight EU countries in order to create the most advanced SmartCity systems in Europe, which are going to be applied in Gdańsk;
  • Bohemia Interactive – Common Crisis Management Laboratory at Gdańsk University of Technology, where training methods and crisis management solutions are developed;
  • Sunreef Yachts – research support for the company coupled with internships and a series of lectures given by Sunreef employees;
  • IBM – joint IBM Advanced Research Center (the Center for Advanced Studies) operating within the GUT Hub for Innovative Technologies to implement IT solutions according to the IBM business strategy;
  • Gdańsk Municipal Investments Sp. z o.o. – cooperation with a team of scientific advisers building the tunnel under the Martwa Wisła river;
  • PERN Przyjaźń SA Oil Pipeline Operation Company – preparing innovative solutions for oil and chemical logistics as well as conducting analyses and technical studies;
  • Polpharma – developing synthesis and manufacturing technology for new drugs production;
  • Blirt – researching new cancer and antimicrobial drugs within the framework of the STRATEGMED program maintained by the National Centre for Research and Development;
  • MedVentures Sp. z o.o. and Pro-Science Poland Sp. z o.o. – cooperation within the STRATEGMED program in the "New technologies in pharmacological stimulation of regeneration" project.