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E-book collection


Type: bibliographic and abstract database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

AccessEngineering is the multimedia engineering database. The engineering reference and teaching platform provides textbooks, monographs, video films, interactive charts, tables and scientific calculators. AccessEngineering provides information on issues in the fields of mechanics, machine construction, materials science, chemical engineering, electronics, aviation technology, production, design, project management and operational management. The database is used to teach and solve contemporary engineering problems on real examples.

List of books: xlsx file


Type: full-text database
Access: https://www.doabooks.org/

DOAB is a service for peer reviewed books published under an open access licence. DOAB providing a searchable index, DOAB allows the users to reach the information about the books, with links to the full texts of the publications at the publisher’s website. DOAB is a service of OAPEN Foundation. DOAB is constantly updated with new titles and covers all scientific disciplines, including: art, biology, chemistry, geography and economics.


Type: full-text database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

ebookpoint BIBLIO (former name NASBI) is an online e-book library provided by the Helion publishing company. The ebookpoint BIBLIO e-books are easily accessible from both on and off campus.

How to use the ebookpoint BIBLIO service:

  1. Go to biblio.ebookpoint.pl.
  2. Register for an online account on e-mail in the Gdańsk Tech domain (@pg.edu.pl).
  3. If you have already registered, log in to your existing ebookpoint BIBLIO account.
  4. Find an e-book you want and check it out.

If you have more questions contact:


Type: full-text database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

Elsevier is one of the the world-leading publishers of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. Elsevier publishes quality peer reviewed research across all disciplines.

Elsevier e-book and e-journals collection are available under a national academic license. In 2019 a new agreement with Elsevier for 2019-2021 with Elsevier was signed. Gdańsk Tech Library provides access to Elsevier e-journals from the list of 16 collections (additional sheet in catalogue 2019) which is a part of Freedom Collection. During 2015 and 2016 national license allowed for new collcetions including list of e-books.


Type: full-text database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

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The IBUK Libra platform, owned by Polish Scientific Publishers (PWN), allows users to access electronic publications and other educational resources. The virtual reading room comprises a collection of academic textbooks, scientific monographs or specialist guides and professional publications published by the most important and renowned publishing houses. Thanks to advanced technical solutions and on-line access, readers may use the service round the clock regardless of their location.

The Gdańsk University of Technology has access to e-books, mainly in such fields as:

  • economic sciences (finance and banking, world economy, IT in business, quantitative methods, management, organization, strategies)
  • mathematical and natural sciences (chemistry, physics, mathematics, earth, technology)
  • computer science (applications, databases, Internet, programming)
  • social sciences (sociology, scientific information)
  • medicine and law

Resources may be accessed via a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and IBUK Libra technology does not require any special software to be installed.


Type: full-text database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

Knovel provides a searchable database of handbooks, data sets and reference sources in science, technology and engineering. Knovel has data search feature that allows the researcher to find materials that meet specific parameters including physical, mechanical and thermal properties. Productivity tools include interactive charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and equation plotters. Knovel was acquired by Elsevier in 2013.

Gdańsk University of Technology Library provides access to 8 collections:

  1. Aerospace & Radar Technology
  2. Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  3. Electronics & Semiconductors
  4. Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture
  5. Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering
  6. Metals & Metallurgy
  7. Oil & Gas Engineering
  8. Plastics & Rubber

Type: full-text database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

ProQuest Ebook allows users to find scholarly ebooks in multiple subjects from world-renowned publishers and to search for ebooks for your laptop, tablet or phone, and download for offline reading. Users can also create highlights, notes, and bookmarks for later, and share research with others. E-books can be downloaded for reading offline or borrowed. Users must create an account (required e-mail address in a Gdańsk Tech domain) in advance.

Gdańsk Tech Library provides access to electronic books from the following disciplines: control engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, technical information and telecommunications, biomedical engineering, civil engineering and transport, materials engineering, economics and finance, management and quality sciences.

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Type: full-text database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

SpringerLink is Springer’s online delivery platform which provides access to scientific documents including online collection of books, journals, reference works and protocols covering a range of various disciplines. Users have fast, accurate access to the depth and breadth of our online collection of Science, Technology and Medicine and Humanities and Social Sciences. 

As part of the national license, e-books are also available. The collection includes all of Springer's English-language books from the first editions in the 19th century to 2019 inclusive, except for the 2016 yearbook and the Intelligent Technologies and Robotics Robotics collection. For the English-language collection, see catalogs:

In addition, the national license includes a collection of archival German-language books 1815-2004.


Type: full-text database
Access: Gdańsk Tech network and remotely via the HAN system

Wiley is a publishing company which specializes in academic publishing. Wiley Online Library is a subscription-based library containing a collection of online resources covering life, health, physical sciences, social science and the humanities.

In 2016, Wiley's national license was extended to e-books released between 2009 and 2015, see catalog. Electronic versions of books available under a national license for unrestricted use by institutions are termed "o-book" in contrast to "e-book" versions sold for one-time download for individual customers.