29 Million PLN from the POWER Program for Gdańsk University of Technology

The National Center for Research and Development announced the results of the POWER 3.5 program competition. Our university will receive almost 29 million PLN in funding for the implementation of the project entitled "Integrated Development Program of Gdańsk University of Technology".


The GUT project received one of the highest fundings, worth PLN 28 905 073.51 (eligible costs amount to PLN 29 799 045.08). The aim of the project is to improve the quality of education of second and third cycle studies, increase the management efficiency at Gdańsk University of Technology and improve the competences of the staff.

"Ensuring the highest quality of education and personnel competences as well as effective university management are among our priorities, which is why we are very pleased with the positive assessment of our application and with the obtained funding", says Prof. Jacek Namieśnik, rector of Gdańsk University of Technology.

Professor Janusz Cieśliński, vice-rector for organization at GUT and leader of the "Integrated Development Program of Gdańsk University of Technology" project, emphasized that the preparation of the application lasted since March 2017.

As a part of the project, 20 second cycle programs will be adapted to the socio-economic needs and a new practical field of study will be launched. The studies will be available to a total number of 1330 students. Interdisciplinary, international doctoral programs for 90 Ph.D. students will also be implemented, with an option of selecting development paths with a didactic, scientific or industrial profile.

Competences of the GUT staff in the field of didactics, IT and presentation skills as well as the attractiveness of education will be increased. Moreover, the management and administrative staff will improve their management skills. 72 members of teaching staff and 240 employees of the management and administrative level will participate in the program.

The quality of education and university management will be improved by the introduction of even more IT tools. In addition, it is planned to introduce a number of organizational changes and improvements in the areas affecting the effectiveness of university management.

The ranking list of applications evaluated positively can be found on the NCBR website.