Gdańsk University of Technology Oversees the Construction of Key City Overpasses

A team from the Department of Mechanics of Materials and Structures of the GUT Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering supervises some of the most important constructions within the Gdańsk infrastructure. Load tests at the Biskupia Górka Overpass were performed with the participation of Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, the GUT Rector and head of the department, as well as Alan Aleksandrowicz, Vice-Mayor for Economics of Gdańsk.


"Load tests are divided into static and dynamic. For static tests there are cars parked at given points of the overpass. We know their axle loads and measure how the construction responds. Afterwards, we proceed to dynamic tests, for which cars pass through the overpass with different speeds. There are also artificial obstacles along the way, producing additional effects. We measure the overpass displacements in nine different locations and arch displacements in additional five", Prof. Wilde explains.

The entire construction project is composed of four independent structures: three overpasses and a bridge over the Radunia channel. Researchers from the Department of Mechanics of Materials and Structures who oversee them are also collecting material for scientific publications.

"We gathered a lot of data for construction analysis. There are very complicated calculations that had to be done here, and the construction process was very difficult due to a railroad functioning below the overpass, as well as some old installations we couldn’t precisely identify, but might be present in the area", states Prof. Jacek Chróścielewski, deputy head of the department.

The GUT researchers also supervise an another interesting construction in a different part of the city – an overpass constituting a part of the so-called New Bulońska Road.

"The technology used here eliminates both noise and icing, so drivers will be able to feel safe here in winter", ensures Mikołaj Miśkiewicz, PhD, from the Department of Mechanics of Materials and Structures.

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