GUT for Generations Project Gets Over PLN 2.2 Million in Funding from the National Centre for Research and Development

Members of all age groups, from children to senior citizens, will soon have a chance to become Gdańsk University of Technology students by participating in a project called GUT for Generations (Politechnika Wielu Pokoleń). The initiative is one of the most acclaimed projects participating in a National Centre for Research and Development competition entitled "Third Mission of Universities" ("Trzecia Misja Uczelni") and received one of the highest amounts of funding. GUT for Generations was presented during a press conference with minister Jarosław Gowin in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


"Participation in the GUT for Generations activities will ensure better chances on the job market and prevent from social isolation by providing an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and expand horizons", says Prof. Janusz Cieśliński, the GUT vice-rector for administration and project initiator.

Gdańsk University of Technology in association with Gdańsk urban commune (the Hevelianum scientific centre) and the Kashubian People's University will devise a curriculum for 1,500 people of all ages, emphasizing practical workshops and laboratory classes. Subjects will include technical and exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrotechnics, ship building and programming, as well as social and economic sciences. GUT will allow the participants to use its laboratories, equipment, classrooms and sport venues. Proposed sport activities will be adjusted to the preferences, interests and abilities of the attendants.

Potential curriculum consists of propositions provided by all GUT faculties, with the biggest contributions from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (15 courses), the Faculty of Chemistry (4 courses) and the Faculty of Management and Economics (4 courses), as well as Mathematic Teaching and Distance Learning Centre (5 courses), Language Centre (4 courses) and Academic Sports Centre.

Press Conference in the Ministry

Results of the "Trzecia Misja Uczelni" competition, one of the flagship ideas of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the field of scientific social responsibility, were presented during a press conference with deputy prime minister Jarosław Gowin. The GUT for Generations project was outlined by its co-creator, Monika Bizewska, PhD from the Projects Office (pictured next to the minister).

"Citizens of Gdańsk had selected course subjects themselves by replying to a questionnaire which was sent to them. As a result, we will talk about matters including the presence of harmful chemicals in everyday use products or mobile apps useful for exercising the brain and preventing Alzheimer's disease", Monika Bizewska mentions.

"Trzecia Misja Uczelni" is a Ministry of Science and Higher Education and National Centre for Research and Development competition funded by the European Union. Participating universities prepared special courses and workshops for people outside of their usual target audience. In total, 211 projects received PLN 173.2 million in funding. The initiatives will have to be completed within from 12 to 36 months. GUT for Generations will cost PLN 2 308 635, including PLN 2 239 375 in funding from the National Centre for Research and Development.

The Project's Future

The project is supposed to gradually become a part of the Gdańsk University of Technology regular activities, allowing it to continue for years to come. Appointed program council will be responsible for maintaining, supervising and modifying the curriculum when needed. The project participants will select from a wide range of classes and collect points needed to obtain a certification.

The GUT for Generations funding application was prepared under the supervision of Prof. Janusz Cieśliński by a team including Barbara Wikieł, PhD (head of Mathematic Teaching and Distance Learning Centre – project leader), Monika Bizewska, PhD (Projects Office) and Joanna Kłosińska (Promotion Office, the Politechnika Otwarta initiative).

Details regarding the curriculum and enrollment will be available soon.