GUT SOLAR1 Among the Best Solar Boats in the World

The seventh place in this year's general classification of the solar boat world championships went to the KORAB scientific club from the GUT's Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology.


After twelve years, the regatta in which our students had regularly been taking part changed its formula. They officially became the world championships and are now made of a series of races. This year, four of these races were held in the Netherlands and one in Monaco. Representatives of Gdańsk University of Technology took part in two of them, which was enough to be listed in the general classification. Their boat called GUT SOLAR1 sailed in the cities of Groningen and Leeuwarden in the Netherlands.

"The regatta was a series of different competitions held in various weather conditions. Our vessel had to excel in sprint races, long-distance races and fast circuits on the canals that required excellent maneuverability and helmsman skills. An additional challenge was appropriately using the limited power accumulated on the boat", reports Hanna Pruszko, MSc, from the Department of Ship Manufacturing Technology, Quality Systems and Materials of the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology at Gdańsk University of Technology, student supervisor during the trip and former president of the KORAB scientific club.

After the last regatta in Monaco, the official results of the general classification were announced. GUT SOLAR1 took the seventh place among 22 vessels taking part in the regatta. The boat is a project that has been under implementation for six years now. It is currently being modernized and serves as a research model, allowing to collect data and experience to build a solar energy-powered hydrofoil which will take part in the subsequent editions of the regatta.

"Constructing and operating a solar boat are big challenges, but also very good experiences, which combine knowledge from all fields of science studied at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology of Gdańsk University of Technology", assures Wojciech Leśniewski, Ph.D., Eng., from the Department of Maritime Mechatronics, current supervisor of the KORAB scientific club.

The competition was attended by our students: Natalia Jüngst, Piotr Pruszko, Przemysław Swatowski, Zbigniew Macikowski, Bartosz Maszczyk and Kacper Chmara (president of the club). The entire KORAB team would like to thank all the people, companies and institutions without whom such a successful performance would not have been possible: the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology at Gdańsk University of Technology, the GUT Student Council and sponsors.

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