GUT Student Helps Building a School in Indonesia

Lisa Aditya, a Gdańsk University of Technology student from Indonesia who had won a special award funded by the GUT Rector in this year’s edition of the prestigious Red Rose competition, donated the entire sum to build a school in her home country. The building is almost ready, and the president of the international humanitarian aid organization called ACT, which was collecting money for that cause, issued a “certificate of humanity” for the university.


The school is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, on Lembata island. It is going to be a place of study for almost  sixty children. To help constructing it, Lisa transferred the entire PLN 5,000 gained with a special distinction award for outstanding scientific and social achievements in the 2018 Red Rose competition.

“Finding teachers was not easy, since the closest settlement is 50 km away from the village where the school is being built. Nevertheless, these who applied agreed to work on voluntary basis”, Lisa says.

Lisa Aditya studies Environmental Engineering at the GUT Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her scientific supervisor is Prof. Jacek Mąkinia from the Department of Sanitary Engineering. During the official academic year 2018/2019 inauguration, Lisa was also granted the award for the best GUT student funded by the PKB+ Gdańsk University of Technology business club, which is a part of the GUT graduates association.

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