GUT Students Developed an Innovative Beehive Monitoring System

Filip Łojczyk, Adam Litwin and Igor Marciniak, students of the GUT Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, supervised by Piotr Musznicki, PhD DSc, from the Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines, developed a beehive monitoring device.


The students were supposed to design a system measuring temperature and humidity inside the hive, as well as continuously monitoring its weight. Such data can help developing more precise methods of analyzing the health of bees and consequently protecting them better.

The information is stored and archived on a central server, while a dedicated application allows fast access and detailed analysis of the conditions inside the hive. The final version of the system will also provide long-term statistics of measured parameters.

Beehive monitoring is particularly important in winter, when bee activity ceases, as well as in spring and summer months, when the insects are busy collecting nectar. Properly placed temperature and humidity sensors make it possible to find out where bees are without the necessity of opening the hive. An electronic scale installed at the base provides information about the amount of honey collected and stored by the colony.

The researchers hope that their system could provide an insight necessary to counteract the decline in bee population, which is now observed worldwide.

The innovative device was developed and tested as a group project by the students of Electrotechnics (6th semester).

The scientific profile of Piotr Musznicki, PhD DSc, can be found on the MOST Wiedzy portal.