In Salzburg Professor Jacek Namieśnik Received a Membership Diploma of the European Academy of Sciences and Art

During the 28th formal plenary session of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA), which took place on March 3 in Salzburg (Austria), Prof. Jacek Namieśnik, rector of Gdańsk University of Technology, officially became a member of one of the most prestigious scientific and artistic organizations in Europe.


"The possibility of working with the Academy is one of the greatest distinctions that a scientist can be honored with in our part of the world. It is a great honor for me", says Prof. Namieśnik.

Established in 1990, the academy brings together over 2,000 outstanding scientists and artists from all over Europe, including 31 Nobel laureates. EASA aims to analyze and solve problems faced by the European community in cooperation with representatives of authorities, faiths and religions.

Among the members of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts are the representatives of different fields of study, including humanities, medicine, arts, law and economics, technology, religion and management. EASA regularly engages in different projects and organizes events related to each of its research areas. The Academy cooperates with six institutes and also runs its own university, the Alma Mater Europaea, based in Salzburg, Austria.

31 Polish people belong to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, including Prof. Jerzy Buzek, Prof. Krzysztof Penderecki, Prof. Andrzej Zoll and Prof. Jerzy Woźnicki. In 2015 Prof. Michał Kleiber, who was at the time the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences, became the Vice President of EASA.