Lisa Aditya, B.Sc. Eng., Is One of the Best International Students in Poland

The Indonesian student of Gdańsk University of Technology received a special award for her charity activities in the Interstudent competition organized by the "Perspektywy" Education Foundation.


"The city of Gdańsk is very welcoming to migrants, especially students. I am very happy that I received this award as a GUT representative and I would like to thank all the university employees, who constantly help and support me", Lisa (pictured second from the right) says.

The award gala was also attended by Prof. Piotr Dominiak, the GUT Vice-Rector for internationalization and innovation, Maria Doerffer, acting head of the International Relations Office, Marta Gurczyńska from the Scientific Affairs Office and Yuliya Kulneva from the IRO.

The Interstudent competition, organized as a part of the "Study in Poland" program, awards the best international students in the country for building cooperation between cultures and enriching the Polish academic environment. Participants need to prove their social, ecological or sport activity in the local student community, as well as possess good grades or take part in interesting research projects. The competition is organized under the honorary patronage of Prof. Jan Szmidt, the president of the Conference of Academic School Rectors in Poland. Partners of the competition are the Conference of Academic School Rectors in Poland, the Student's Parliament of the Republic of Poland and the National Representation of PhD Students. More details related to the competition can be found here.

An Engineer with a Mission

Lisa Aditya, B.Sc. Eng., studies Environmental Engineering at the GUT Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She comes from the Indonesian province of Aceh, where an anti-government uprising and a tsunami wave, which took Lisa's relatives, deprived her home town of clean drinking water. To help the people of Aceh, Lisa Aditya researches tropical microalgae in order to use them in processing sewage, as well as producing green fuel and medicines. She works under the scientific supervision of Prof. Jacek Mąkinia, head of the GUT Department of Sanitary Engineering.

The Interstudent competition laureate volunteers for an Indonesian humanitarian organization called ACT. In the 2018 edition of the prestigious Red Rose Competition, which awards the best students in the Pomerania region, Lisa received a special prize for her outstanding scientific and social achievements, funded by Prof. Jacek Namieśnik, the GUT Rector, worth PLN 5,000. Lisa donated the entire sum to build a school on the island of Lembata in eastern Indonesia. As a token of gratitude, the ACT president issued a "Certificate of Humanity" for Gdańsk University of Technology. Lisa Aditya, B.Sc. Eng., also received a prize for the best GUT student awarded by the PKB+ GUT Business Club, which operates as a part of the GUT Alumni Association.

Scientific profile of Prof. Jacek Mąkinia can be found on the MOST Wiedzy portal.

Picture courtesy of the "Perspektywy" Education Foundation