MBA Program at Gdańsk University of Technology among the Top 10 Best Programs in the Country

The International MBA in Strategy, Program and Project Management (IMBA) studies offered by the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdańsk University of Technology is in the top ten of the best programs in the country according to the Perspektywy 2018 MBA ranking, making it the best MBA program in northern Poland.


The MBA program of Gdańsk University of Technology also took the second place among MBA studies best rated by the students and the eighth place in terms of prestige.

"We pay particular attention to the recruitment process for the MBA program. As a result, people with diverse professional experiences, from various companies, organizations and countries participate in it. They represent different organizational cultures, but share common goals as well as specific expectations for their personal development in the professional field and beyond. All this affects the formation of mutual relations that foster cooperation and build the quality of the program itself", says Barbara Stepnowska PhD, the director of the MBA program at Gdańsk University of Technology.

Directors of the MBA programs participating in the ranking filled out a questionnaire containing several dozen questions. The answers were used to determine such issues as who are the students and lecturers of the evaluated programs, what is the structure and scope of the program, what can the studies offer to the participants and how prestigious is their organizer. Moreover, the ranking took into account the preferences of employers as shown in the survey conducted by the Marketing Research Center INDICATOR at the request of the "Perspektywy" Education Foundation. In total, the ranking considered seven criteria (consisting of 26 indicators), including the opinions of graduates and employers.

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