New MSc Specialization in Nanotechnology

Nanostructures and computer simulations in material science are subjects of the new MSc specialization in Nanotechnology, available at the GUT Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics. The course will last for four semesters, with all lectures held in English.


The program focuses on properties and design of novel nanostructured and functional materials applied in energy conversion and storage, electronics, spintronics, sensors, environmental protection, biomedicine etc., additionally allowing the students to develop their soft skills. The best ones will be given the opportunity for Ph.D. studies.

Applications are due in autumn this year, with classes beginning in February 2018. At least BSc or equivalent degree is required. A strong background in mathematics, physics and chemistry at the university level is highly recommended.

There will be no tuition fee for courses starting in 2018 and 2019. What is more, the university offers scholarships of 1500 PLN per month (approx. 350 EUR) for the 10 best international students from the 2017/2018 call.

More information is available here.