PhD Student of Our University Receives a Grant from the Kosciuszko Foundation

  • Patryk Ziółkowski, M.Sc. Eng., who works at the Department of Concrete Structures in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is going to use the grant to research environmental factors which influence building safety, based on the city of Gdańsk.


    "My project aims at creating a product, which will help cities in their intelligent and sustainable development. The solution I work on will support designing buildings, taking into account their strategic and economic impact on the neighboring area", Ziółkowski explains.

    The project will be carried out in cooperation between Gdańsk University of Technology and Auburn University in Alabama.

    "If we succeed, in a few years we will create a platform boosting the development of our city and region. I hope it will not remain unnoticed in the country as well as abroad. I would never start this project without the help of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and opportunities offered by Gdańsk University of Technology", the PhD student says.

    The Kosciuszko Foundation is an American-Polish charity founded in New York in 1925. It works towards strengthening the relations between Poland and the USA through education programs and student exchange. The foundation spends approximately 1 million dollars annually to promote Polish science and culture in the US.