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Advanced Materials Center

Centrum Mat Przyszłości


Research teams within the Advanced Materials Center focus on the production and characterization of innovative materials (including polymer and carbon, nanomaterials, superconductors and high-temperature conductive materials) with wide application in industry and medicine, but also aeronautics and oceanotechnics.

In addition, scientists at the new Center are dealing with issues related to the technology of manufacturing and obtaining innovative structures and instruments, material recycling and metrology.


Within the Center, there are scientists from the field of material engineering specializing in chemistry, physics and solid state electronics, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, biomaterial engineering, surface engineering and physicochemistry of metal materials.

Research teams already have a number of successes in this area, e.g. research on atomic and electronic structures and chemical composition have allowed the discovery of new superconductors. Scientists have also developed photo-catalysts that allow the oxidation of pharmaceuticals that are not susceptible to biodegradation.

In turn, modification of road bitumens with polymers allowed for the development of a wide group of so-called polymer-asphalt binders (binders connecting loose materials into a homogeneous mass), characterized by better resistance to environmental factors and changing temperature conditions.


The results of the Center's activity will be the development of materials for the storage of electricity from renewable energy sources (including wind farms, solar panels, etc.), which will meet the current trends in the energy market and the challenges of today's world.

Thanks to the work of Gdańsk University of Technology scientists, it will be possible to create new ways to store and convert excess energy in innovative batteries and supercapacitors, but also to use them at a later time using photovoltaic devices and electrolysers.

Research will also be conducted here on carbonaceous materials (including diamond-like ones) that can be used in biosensor systems or for the utilization of impurities. Further research teams will work among others on materials for regenerative medicine, as well as on materials for generating strong magnetic fields.

The work of scientists within the Advanced Materials Center focuses on manufacturing innovative materials

Board of the Advanced Materials Center

1. Prof. Piotr Jasiński, FETI - Coordinator
2. Justyna Łuczak, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FC
3. Łukasz Piszczyk,Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FC
4. Jacek Ryl, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FAPM
5. Mariusz Szkoda Ph.D., Eng., FC
6. Robert Bogdanowicz, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FETI
7. Prof. Tomasz Klimczuk, FAPM
8. Marcin Łapiński, Ph.D., Eng., FAPM
9. Aleksandra Mielewczyk-Gryń, Ph.D, Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FAPM
10. Jakub Karczewski Ph.D., Eng., FAPM
11. Łukasz Skarżyński, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FCEE
12. Agnieszka Ossowska, Ph.D., Eng.,Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST
13. Michał Wodtke, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST

Advanced Materials Center

prof. Piotr Jasiński, Ph.D., D.Sc. Eng.

room: 103 ETI building A

phone: 58 347 13 23