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BioTechMed Center

BioTechMed Center


The center deals with research and implementation of modern technologies in the field of biomedical engineering, molecular and pharmaceutical biotechnology as well as methods of searching for new drugs.

Researchers are working on new biomedical measurement methods (also using artificial intelligence methods), patient diagnosis and therapy, and dedicated device control systems that are widely used in medicine, including rehabilitation and exoskeletons.

The work will also aim at developing a strategy of nutritional prevention in chronic non-communicable diseases.


The new Center includes specialists in biomedical and genetic engineering, molecular biotechnology, chemistry and drug analysis, and food biotechnology. They have been cooperating with the medical community for years, developing new solutions for healthcare.

Scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology created, among others, CyberEye - a system that allows us to communicate with people in a vegetative state or awakened from a coma. The researchers have developed and implemented modern hearing, vision and speech screening methods that are currently used throughout the world.

Research groups of Gdańsk University of Technology have prepared new compounds that may find application in cancer chemotherapy and in the treatment of infections caused by fungal microorganisms.

Members of the Center also have significant successes in research on counteracting drug resistance of microorganisms and cancer cells, which is one of the biggest challenges of today's medicine.


Researchers plan to develop new, innovative medical instruments and devices. They will prepare, among others, a new method of hearing testing and automatic detection of disease states. They will create CyberBed, which will help counteract digital exclusion of paralysed patients. They are also developing the world's first so-called biomarkers of human memory that will allow better understanding and optimization of methods for improving memory.

Researchers at Gdańsk University of Technology will also define new strategies to combat drug resistance of pathogenic microorganisms, as well as develop new methods for diagnosis and therapy of patients.

The teams will also work on new solutions in the field of physicochemistry as well as chemo and radiotherapy, and will also develop technologies that will contribute to the development of the healthy food market.

Board of the BioTechMed Center

1. Prof. Jerzy Wtorek, FETI - Coordinator
2. Prof. Maciej Bagiński FC, 
3. Jacek Czub, Ph.D., Eng. Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FC
4. Barbara Kusznierewicz, Ph.D., Eng. Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FC
5. Rafał Piątek, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FC
6. Mariusz Kaczmarek, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FETI
7. Michał Kucewicz, Ph.D., FETI
8. Małgorzata Szczerska, Ph.D, Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FETI
9. Prof. Grzegorz Redlarski FECE, 
10. Brygida Mielewska, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FAPM
11. Prof. Leszek Kalinowski FCEE
12. Izabela Lubowiecka, Ph.D., Eng. Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FCEE
13. Wiktoria Wojnicz, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST
14. Beata Świeczko-Żurek, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST

BioTechMed Center

prof. Jerzy Wtorek, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng.

Room: 107, building A ETI

Phone.: 58 347 13 84