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Offshore Wind Energy Center


If you are looking for scientific support in the field of:

  • design,
  • manufacturing technology,
  • operation of offshore wind farms,

we will:

  • conduct research,
  • advise you on how to solve technical problems,
  • train management and engineering staff.

Gdańsk University of Technology is a leading research university in the country, with world-renowned scientific potential, bringing together many outstanding specialists in all major areas of knowledge related to offshore wind energy.

We have a highly specialized laboratory base that enables detailed and in-depth identification of many technical and organizational problems in the construction and operation of offshore wind farms. We also have experience and didactic achievements in specialist as well as engineering and managerial training of staff of the broadly understood offshore wind energy sector.

Research areas

Design of special vessels

Diagnostics of the mechanical and hydraulic system of a wind turbine

Design and diagnostics of a wind turbine rotor

Comprehensive corrosion protection of wind turbine towers

Underwater and above-water safety of wind farms

Foundation of offshore wind turbines

Designing storage systems for excess wind energy

Designing power control and electric energy transmission systems

Staff training and management in offshore wind energy