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EkoTech Center

EkoTech Center


The center deals with shaping a harmonious, sustainable space for human life in the face of current environmental challenges, climate change as well as social and demographic changes.

Scientists are working on solutions that will counteract the negative effects of human activities. They are also looking for innovative pro-ecological solutions for intelligent urban and extra-urban areas.

In addition, they are developing new methods for monitoring the environment and infrastructure, as well as modern technologies for the production of electricity and heat, which reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to meeting emission requirements.


The Center includes research teams composed of representatives of all scientific disciplines of Gdańsk University of Technology, and specialists working on sustainable shaping of human environment play a significant role there.

Teams of researchers are developing and implementing new methods for monitoring the environment and infrastructure, as well as technologies for water and wastewater treatment (including management and reuse of rainwater) and to reduce the phenomenon of so-called ‘Light smog’ (light pollution).

Experts deal with innovative solutions in the field of eco-energy, green technologies, low-emission transport, waste management, clean industrial production, energy-neutral construction and renewable energy sources (and their integration with the power system).


The result of the activities of scientists of Gdańsk University of Technology within the new Center will be the development of a number of solutions to monitor the environment and infrastructure, and to counteract the so-called anthropopression, i.e. human influence on the natural environment.

Scientific analyzes and technologies and engineering solutions developed on their basis will meet the principles of sustainable development and the requirements of the circular economy.

An important element will also be to support the spatial planning of 'the future ecocities of 2050', i.e. cities resilient to climate change and ensuring high quality of life. These studies will be supplemented with analyzes of social acceptance of new technologies and building new business models for the solutions being developed.

Scientists are working on solutions that will counteract the negative effects of human activities

Board of the EkoTech Centre

1.   Prof. Magdalena Gajewska,  FCEE - Coordinator
2.   Jan Wajs, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST - Deputy Coordinator
3.   Karolina Krośnicka, Ph.D., Eng.,  Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FA
4.   Katarzyna Zielonko-Jung, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech FA
5.   Prof. Andrzej Wasik, FC
6.   Marek Tobiszewski, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FC   
7.   Anna Zielińska-Jurek, Ph.D., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FC
8.   Jarosław Guziński, Ph.D., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FECE
9.   Leszek Jarzębowicz, Ph.D., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FECE
10. Piotr Jaskuła, Ph.D., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FCEE
11. Grażyna Jarosz, Ph.D., prof. Gdańsk Tech
12. Prof. Magdalena Rucka, FCEE
13. Milena Supernak Ph.D., Eng., FMEST
14. Paweł Śliwiński, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST
15. Aleksander Orłowski, Ph.D., Eng., FMEST

EkoTech Center

prof. Magdalena Gajewska, Ph.D., D.Sc. Eng.

room: 201C, FCEE building

phone: 58 347 15 09