Gdańsk University of Technology provides modern housing for 3 000 students in 12 dormitory buildings located close to the university (5 minute walk). The dormitories offer high standard accommodation with mostly double rooms. Triple bed rooms are also available, as well as rooms suitable for disabled people. The rooms are fully furnished (beds, wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves and desks) with a fridge and a telephone in each room. The students receive a quilt or a blanket, a pillow and bed linen.

Shared facilities include a kitchen (tenants have to bring their own cookware and dishes), a laundry room, a gym and a quiet study room. There is a LAN network in each dormitory as well as Wi-Fi and internal phone line (free connections with the university and other dormitories). The dormitories host clubs, shops, print shops and food services. A number of bars and restaurants are within walking distance.

Prices vary from 290 zł (c. 80 euro) to 450 zł (c. 120 euro) per month (depending on the building standard and room type). The rent is payable until the 20th of each month. A refundable deposit fee of 200 zł (approx. 50 euro) has to be paid. The dormitories are available on request also during summer holidays.

Please notice that we cannot guarantee rooms for all students.