Sports Groups

All students of Gdańsk University of Technology attend obligatory sports classes. According to the time-table there are two classes a week for two terms. Twenty coaches who used to be sports competitors await students.

Whichever sports discipline you dream about, you will find facilities to do it at the Academic Sports Centre of Gdańsk University of Technology. There are about 20 sports units at the centre, including swimming, athletics, judo, volleyball, football, tennis and table tennis units.


Which sports activities will you participate in?

Students typically perform general physical preparedness exercises, which are done in a sports hall, in a gym, on a football field or at the swimming pool. Do not be afraid if you have not learnt to swim before, nobody is going to throw you into deep water. During the initial classes the coach will interview you to assess your skills and to assign you to the right group.

Corrective exercises

If your health condition does not allow you to do general fitness exercises, you may participate in performing corrective exercises. You will need a statement of medical examination. Depending on the doctor’s opinion, you will participate for instance in classes where corrective exercises for bad posture or rehabilitative exercises are done.

If you have got a competitive spirit in you

The Academic Sports Centre has prepared a special offer for those who are above average-fitness and want to develop their physical skills. You can join one of the twenty sports units that represent our university in Polish Academic Championships. Due to the highly prestigious character of the championships, the coach will carefully assess your fitness before you are accepted into the team.

Notice! If you are a sports unit competitor, you do not have to attend obligatory sports classes.

It is worth mentioning that also skiing and sailing camps are organised by the centre.

Sports units

You can participate in the workouts of sports aerobics, judo, basketball, athletics, skiing, football, handball, volleyball, swimming, tennis and table tennis. You can also join the rowing or sailing units or excel at rock climbing. You can choose from 20 units that accept as many as five hundred students. Please inform your physical education teacher that you would like to join a chosen sports unit.

Why is it a good idea to join a sports unit?

Young sportsmen and sportswomen take part in numerous competitions and training camps during which they discover unusual places and meet interesting people. The participation costs in the above are partially or fully covered by the GUT authorities. Best competitors are awarded sports achievement scholarships.

Sports halls rental

Students can take the advantage of the paid offer of the Academic Sports Centre and use the following facilities with a 50 percent discount: football fields, a sports hall, a body-building gym, an aerobics hall, a judo gym, a swimming pool and tennis courts. For more information please contact the deputy head of sports: Piotr Buliński at, telephone 58/347 25 00.

The Gdańsk University of Technology Academic Sport Center
12 Zwycięstwa Street
tel.: 58 347 25 00