ChitoVelum PRO Chitosan Hydrogels Awarded in the "Polish Product of the Future" Competition

The AG medica team, transformed into Chitone sp. z o.o. (LLC), together with Gdańsk University of Technology received an award in the XXI edition of the "Polish Product of the Future" competition. In the "product of the future developed by a consortium consisting of scientific organization and entrepreneur" category the award went to ChitoVelum PRO chitosan hydrogels and their application in cosmetics and dressings.


"The solution we develop is particularly important due to a raise in skin condition cases pointed out by the WHO experts, often caused by the contact with different chemical substances. It is an honor that the competition jury appreciated our way of tackling this issue. The award without any doubt will attract customers to the products based on chitosan hydrogels of the ChitoVelum and ChitoVelum PRO family", says Grzegorz Gorczyca, Phd Eng., Chairman of the Board of Chitone sp. z o.o. and creator of the ChitoVelum PRO hydrogels.

The "Polish Product of the Future" competition promotes the most innovative products and technologies, supporting them on the Polish and international markets. It is organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in cooperation with the National Centre for Research and Development.

Cosmetics based on ChitoVelum guarantee the highest level of safety. Products developed with this technology do not contain any preservatives or other chemicals negatively viewed by the customers. In addition, they protect and regenerate skin just like advanced dressing materials do. ChitoVelum Pro is created by dissolving chitosan, a substance obtained from crustacean shells, mainly krill and shrimps, with the use of a technology developed at the Gdańsk University of Technology Faculty of Chemistry. It was created by Grzegorz Gorczyca, Phd Eng., Robert Tylingo, Phd Eng., and Piotr Szweda, Phd Eng., under the supervision of Prof. Sławomir Milewski and Prof. Maria Sadowska.

"Using chitosan in cosmetics production is a groundbreaking solution. As a natural material it has a considerable advantage over any chemical substance. I am glad to know that the technology developed at GUT was awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development", Prof. Jacek Namieśnik, the Gdańsk University of Technology Rector, says.

A product developed with the ChitoVelum technology is Chitozan naturalny Sun, a cosmetic which sooths sunburns and other kinds of skin irritation (pictured). It does not contain any pigments, preservatives, allergens or aroma compounds, making it suitable for people with allergies, sensitive skin, children and pregnant women. It is not only completely compatible with the human skin, but also 100% biodegradable.

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