Cooperation with South Korea in the Field of Materials Science

Korea Institute of Materials Science has begun its cooperation with the GUT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with an agreement signed by Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, the GUT Rector, and In-Hyuck Song from KIMS.


Under the agreement the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will send master or PhD candidate students as trainees for the purpose of conducting collaborative research between both parties. GUT and KIMS employees will also jointly participate in lectures, workshops and symposia.

"I hope that KIMS students and lecturers will come to learn and teach at Gdańsk University of Technology as well, having a positive impact on the internationalization of both our institutions", Prof. Wilde stated.

A meeting between the parties was held in the GUT Senate Hall and attended by Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, the Rector of GUT, delegates from Korea Institute of Materials Science, Prof. Janusz Nieznański, the Rector's Representative for Internationalisation and Innovation, Prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz, the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, as well as Prof. Dionizy Czekaj and Krzysztof Krzysztofowicz, PhD DSc, from the Department of Materials Engineering and Bonding.

Korea Institute of Materials Science is a government funded research institute based in the city of Changwon, working in the fields of metallurgy, ceramics and composite materials, among others.

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