First Victory of the GUT Team in the Polish Basketball League!

Sixth round of the Polish Basketball League (Energa Basket Liga Kobiet) will be remembered by the Sunreef Yachts Politechnika Gdańska team fans for a long time. Lead by coach Rafał Knap, our female players defeated the ENEA AZS Poznań team 88:71, gaining their first victory in the league!


The first quarter did not seem so promising for the team from Gdańsk. At the beginning no one was able to take the lead by more than a few points. Karolina Strzelczyk, Annika Holopainen and Maegan Conwright scored for the home team, while Khaalia Hillsman and Irena Matović gained points for the visitors. After the first ten minutes the ENEA team was leading 26:25, but during the second quarter the Gdańsk players got their mojo back. Martyna Koc and Martyna Pyka scored additional points and the home team was already leading by 9 points.

After switching sides the Sunreef Yachts Politechnika Gdańska team kept scoring, mainly thanks to aggressive defense, the players' favorite part of the game. Home team was pressing the visitors, turning steals into points. Support coming from players on the bench was also important. Sylwia Bujniak gained 12 points, while Martyna Koc – 15. Our team scored from behind the two-point line ten times. The team's MVP was Maegan Conwright, who scored 27 points.

Sunreef Yachts Politechnika Gdańska: Conwright 27, Koc 15, Pyka 14, Bujniak 12, Holopainen 11, Strzelczyk 5, Szymańska 4

ENEA AZS Poznań: Matovic 21, Hillsman 20, Davis 13, Parzeńska 8, Parysek 4, Samburska 3, Demczur 2