Gdańsk University of Technology in the Top Ten of the Best Universities in Poland!

  • Gdańsk University of Technology was ranked on the 10th position in this year's Perspektywy Higher Education Ranking, ex aequo with the Medical University of Warsaw. During the official announcement of results, which took place in Warsaw, the GUT rector Prof. Jacek Namieśnik received a diploma for the top ten universities as well as the "Promotion of 2017" diploma, awarded for the biggest promotion in the ranking. GUT has improved its position by 5 places!


    The ranking includes all Polish universities, both public and private, which are entitled to grant Ph.D.s. Art universities are not ranked. Six criteria were taken into consideration: prestige, innovation, scientific potential, scientific effectiveness, studying conditions and internationalization.

    "Our presence in the top ten of the best universities in Poland is definitely a result of coordinated efforts aiming at increasing the GUT's research effectiveness and teaching quality. Gdańsk University of Technology is dedicated to creating an attractive study offer for students from Poland as well as abroad. At the same time we keep developing our cooperation with the business environment, engaging in scientific projects and preparing student placements", says Prof. Jacek Namieśnik, rector of GUT.

    Our university made it close to the top ten only once, in 2011, when it was ranked on the 11th place. For the past few years our position has been steadily improving. GUT was 17th in 2015 and 15th a year ago.

    "The fact that our position has improved by 5 places, ranking us among the best universities in Poland, is very satisfying and will definitely encourage us to work even harder in the future", the rector assures.

    "Such high position in the ranking makes us responsible for maintaining it in the future. We want to remain in the top ten, so we will have to develop faster than the others", adds Prof. Piotr Dominiak, vice-rector for internationalization and innovation.

    "No matter what we think about rankings, they definitely influence the public opinion. The position of a university is always a subject of discussion among the scientific community. Is does not remain unnoticed by the business environment and potential study candidates. High position should not be an objective itself, but it allows the university to understand its own strengths and weaknesses. We were ranked 2nd according to the innovation criterion, but only 33rd according to the criterion of scientific potential", explain Prof. Janusz Cieśliński, vice-rector for organization.

    The Perspektywy Higher Education Ranking is composed of several individual classifications. GUT was ranked 10th in the most important ranking of universities. It is also 4th among technical universities. Our neighboring Medical University of Gdańsk was ranked 8th.

    "It is a great success for the entire region that two universities from Gdańsk were ranked so high", Prof. Namieśnik concludes.

    High Positions in Other Rankings

    For years Gdańsk University of Technology has been ranked among the most popular universities in Poland. The national representation of Ph.D. students called us one of the most Ph.D. student-friendly universities in the country, while the recent National Compensation Survey puts the people who studied at GUT on the third place among technical university graduates with highest salaries.

    It is also worth noting that GUT is among nine Polish Universities ranked in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and Transparent Ranking.

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