International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC) Authorities Meeting

Extended Executive Committee of the International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC EEC) convened at Gdańsk University of Technology. As a member of the committee, GUT rector Prof. Jacek Namieśnik took part in the meeting.


IAEAC is an international organization dedicated to ensuring and promoting the high level of scientific research and proper research methods application in environmental pollution analysis. The association emphasizes human influence on environmental pollution, working in close cooperation with scientific circles engaged in chemical and related research.

Members of the IAEAC EEC gathered at Gdańsk University of Technology to discuss subjects related to the IAEAC conferences and issues involving the election of new association authorities.

The International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry organizes symposia, workshops and short courses addressing environmental researchers. IAEAC is a non-profit organization, however as a principle its conferences are self-funded.

"Conferences organized by our association are prepared by researchers and for researchers. They allow them to exchange the latest research results and get acquainted with current global trends in environmental analytical chemistry. Promotion and strengthening of the IAEAC brand are now our key goals" Antje Baeumner, Ph.D. from the University of Regensburg, argued in her speech.

The meeting was attended by all members of the IAEAC EEC (ten researchers from eight countries).