Maps and Signposts Will Help Us Move Around the GUT Campus

In order to facilitate navigation on the GUT campus, thirteen signposts and eight maps have been placed on its premises.


"New signs will not only prove useful to all visitors who arrive at the campus for the first time, but also to the employees and students of Gdańsk University of Technology who come here every day", believes Prof. Jan Buczkowski, Rector's Plenipotentiary for Arts.

Professor Buczkowski, who has previously invented the campus building numbering system, has come up with the idea of scattering maps and signposts in the area. They were installed in the last week of August. Together, all these solutions create the visual information system of the Gdańsk University of Technology campus.

The new signs contain information in Polish and English. In addition to building names and their respective numbers, they also indicate the distance and direction in which to go. To avoid information overload, each column has a maximum of five plates pointing in a given direction. The signs can be easily replaced if any building changes its function or a new one appears.

In addition to signs, information boards picturing the campus were placed near each entrance to the area. They mark all buildings within the complex, as well as ATMs, bicycle stands, bus stops and train stations. Each plan is described in Polish and English, containing also a QR code which opens the map available on the university website.

"New signs fit the general aesthetics of the campus and make it more coherent", emphasizes Prof. Buczkowski.

The next solution which will facilitate moving around the campus will be a visual information system inside the Main Building. It is supposed to be completed during the next academic year and will become a template for marking the interiors of other buildings.

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