1. Disinfect your hands before entering the building (dispensers with disinfectant liquid are placed in visible places near the porter's lodges).
  2. It is necessary to maintain a safe distance from the interlocutor (1-1.5 m).
  3. When using the common space (corridors, kitchens), it is recommended to use protective masks.
  4. The number of people using public kitchens and study rooms at the same time is limited (maximum 2 people at one time).
  5. Due to the situation and guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, visits of persons (guests) to the dormitories should be limited to a minimum (sporadically) and concern individual persons.
  6. The residents of the Student House are obliged to sign the "Declaration of the Resident of Student House of the Gdańsk University of Technology" (
  7. The residents of the Dormitory who notice any symptoms indicating COVID-19 such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath, respiratory problems, are obliged to:
    • immediately report this by phone to the reception desk and refrain from moving in the common areas of the building
    • contact the doctor by telephone
    • report by their own transport directly to the infectious diseases ward or observation and infection ward, where further medical procedures will be determined (do not use public transport not to infect others)
  8. Equipment and means are provided for daily cleaning work (with particular emphasis on ongoing disinfection of touch surfaces - lifts, handrails, handles, light switches, handles, flat surfaces, including kitchen worktops)
  9. Student dormitory employees are provided with access to personal protective equipment (protective masks, disposable gloves) and hand disinfection preparations.
  10. In administrative matters, telephone or e-mail contact is recommended



The rules apply on the basis of current knowledge and the epidemiological situation. The above rules may be modified depending on the epidemiological situation in Poland and the University's regulations.



Gdańsk University of Technology offers over 2300 places in elven halls of residence in three locations in Gdańsk. The Residential Estate housing buildings No 1, 2, 3, 4 and 12 is within walking distance from the university, in Traugutta Street. The Residential Estate housing buildings No 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 is in Wyspiańskiego Street, in the centre of Wrzeszcz, and Hall of Residence No 11 is in Brzeźno, within walking distance from the beach

We offer single, double, and three-person rooms, most fitted with en-suite bathrooms. A standard room comes with bedclothes and a fridge. Residents have access to the internet. Each of the buildings features a kitchen, launderette, study room, TV room, and gym. Most of the halls of residence are accessible for people with physical disabilities.


Zgodnie z decyzją Pana Prorektora ds. kształcenia, w semestrze zimowym 2020/2021, osoby nie będące studentami Politechniki Gdańskiej, nie będą miały możliwości zamieszkania w Domach Studenckich PG.
Decyzja ta jest podyktowana sytuacją epidemiologiczną w kraju i na świecie.


Miejsca w DS na rok akademicki 2020/21

Najbliższe, najważniejsze terminy

Uwaga studenci


  1. otrzymałeś miejsce w Domu Studenckim na rok akademicki 2020/2021,
  2. w roku akademickim 2019/2020 byłeś mieszkańcem Domu Studenckiego i miałeś opłaconą kaucję,
  3. podczas wykwaterowywania nie wypełniłeś wniosku o zwrot kaucji,                                                                                              
    to kaucja zostanie automatycznie zachowana na kolejny rok akademicki (tj. 2020/2021) i nie musisz wpłacać jej od nowa.

Spełnione muszą być wszystkie trzy warunki, o których mowa powyżej. W przeciwnym wypadku kaucję, w wysokości 300 zł, należy wpłacić
w terminie określonym w Komunikacie Prorektora ds. kształcenia i dydaktyki.