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8th International Conference on Unsolved Problems on Noise

Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk, 9-13 July 2018



Gdańsk is located at the Bay of Gdańsk, at the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is a maritime capital of Poland with the population nearing half a million. With its Hanseatic tradition, it has for ages played a major role in the commercial relationships between Northern and Western Europe on the one hand, and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe on the other hand. Gdańsk is a thousand years old and its historical and cultural heritage make Gdańsk one of the most popular tourist and cultural centers in Poland. Its old town has been renovated and the lined antique tenement halls have been enriched with new hotels, restaurants and shops. The wealth of the old Gdańsk is proven by outstanding pieces of architecture such as the City Hall, St. Mary’s Church, the Arthus Court and the Golden Gate. The Long Street and the Long Market are the most important communication ducts of the area, which have been the most representative of Gdańsk over the centuries. The tallest of all buildings of the Royal Route is the City Hall, built in the renaissance style with its 80 meters tall tower.
Today, Gdańsk is the capital of the Pomeranian province and an important administration centre. It is a big economic and dynamically growing scientific center with many technical and humanistic academies and scientific institutes.

The City Hall
St. Catherine's Church
Neptune's Fountain
A monument at the Wood Market
St. Mary’s Church
The Green Gate
St. Nicholas Church
The Railway Station

For more information on tourist attractions and current events in Gdańsk, check out the official site of the city.


If you plan to stay in Gdańsk for a little bit longer you may be interested in tourist attractions in the Pomeranian province. A comprehensive source of information is the pomorskie.travel website.


Conference venue

The UPoN 2018 Conference will take place on July 9-13, 2018 at Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland.
The University is located in the Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz district.





Theme sessions will be held in the following rooms: Aula and room 264.