dr inż. Marek Augustyniak

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Miejsce pracy Katedra Fizyki Ciała Stałego, Wydział Fizyki Technicznej i Matematyki Stosowanej
Budynek Centrum Nanotechnologii pokój 4/17
Numer telefonu (58) 348 66 17

Notka biograficzna

I have started my research career from applying electron microscopy (SEM, TEM) and magnetic force microscopy (MFM) to study the degradation processes in CrMo alloys, at the Centre Lyonnais de Microscopie Electronique, supervised by its founder prof. Claude Esnouf. Simultaneously, I grasped the electromagnetic Finite Element techniques to reproduce the magnetic field behaviour in sheet metal testers, in the context of semi-commercial studies led at the Southwest Research Institute in Texas, in collaboration with dr Martin J. Sablik. For 15 years since then I have been creatively developing the concepts formerly studied by my father, prof. Boleslaw Augustyniak, including interactions between electromagnetics and micro/macro mechanics in the context of Nondestructive Testing of structural steels. In my PhD, published on 2007, I delivered a complete description of the macrodynamics of the magnetic field inside the ferromagnetic plates and pipes, and proved that it was useful to reproduce essential features of Barkhausen Noise and Magnetoacoustic Emission signals. Soon after I delved into the controversial field of so-called "Magnetic Memory of Metals", intensely promoted by prof. Dubov from Russia, and together with dr Usarek I delivered undisputable arguments against MMM's quantitative applicability, thus influencing the shape of the revised ISO 24497 international standard. My NDT-related research was further extended to purely mechanical phenomena, which resulted in works on Mathar's methodology as applied to weakly anisotropic steels, and some experimental and numerical studies on fatigue of high-strength alloys. I have gathered as well extensive experience in industrial aspects of Finite Element methods, which resulted in co-founding and directing post-graduate studies for commercial analysts (Computer Simulations for Engineers, 2007-2018). Lately my research focus gradually shifts towards novel ultralight multi-functional Lattice Materials and biomedical engineering.